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UV tanning is available with our luxurious and modern stand up UV sunshower fitted with 0.3 bulbs and fully compliant with new EU regulations. Sunbed sessions are a great way to create a base tan before your holidays & help protect you from sunburn, top up a natural tan when you return or just feel the warmth on your skin to make you feel energised and uplifted and give you a general feeling of well being.


For those who prefer sunless tanning, try the revolutionary opus 4 automatic spray tan booth which delivers flawless, natural looking customised spray tans in complete privacy & comfort without the embarrasment of having to undress in front of a therapist or worry about tan lines!

The booth  uses Norvell, the leading American sunless tanning solution & provides you with a sunkissed glow in  under 15 minutes that can last up to 7 days!                                                        Watch the clip to see the booth in action!



For best results  prep skin by completing any hair removal at least 24 hours before your sunless tanning session and arrive with your skin exfoliated & free from deoderant and moisturizers.

Wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment.  

Allow 12-24 hours for your spray tan to develop before showering off to enjoy  5 -7 days of sunkissed colour.  

We stock a range of tanning accelerators & extenders and recommend use of these for best results when using the sunbed to assist developing and maintaining your tan.  

We reccomend no more than 2-3 sunbed sessions per week and advise that you leave a minimum of 24 hours between sunbed sessions.  

Sunbed sessions are not permitted to under 18's

People with skin type 1 should not use a sunbed. (very light skin, red hair, blue eyes, strong   tendency to burn in the sun)

If in doubt about your skin type or suitability for UV tanning, please  ask a member of staff for advice in the salon.

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